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Get unlimited
doctor visits
anytime, anywhere 


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The Top 5 Benefits
that make WhatsUpDocConnect a must-have

  • I​​​​​​​​​​t's faster, and more convenient than traveling to an urgent care clinic
  • No per-visit fees, use the service as much as you need
  • No waiting in a waiting room with sick people
  • See a doctor right away, or schedule an appointment 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • No additional costs, your monthly membership includes all services

Why travel to an Urgent Care Clinic and pay per-visit?

Why would you pay for per-visit telemedicine services?

Your membership provides

Unlimited doctor visits and consultations.

24 hours a day, 365 days a year

No hidden fees. No per-visit charges.

No matter where you are***

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the trial membership work?

We offer a trial period to let members try telemedicine services at a discounted rate. If you wish to continue with a full membership, simply allow the trial to end, and you will be automatically enrolled.

Can I switch plans between Single and Family?

Yes. If at any point you decide to change your plan from a Single to a Family, or the other way around, you may transfer your information at no additional cost.

Do I have to enter into a long term contract?

No, subscriptions are renewed monthly. Cancel anytime.

Are there per-use fees?

No, there are no per-use fees. Your monthly membership includes all services for the plan that you select. 

What types of payment do you accept?

Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club.


Are the doctors licensed medical doctors in the US?


Yes. Members talk to actual doctors who are state-licensed family practitioners, primary care physicians, internists and pediatricians. When members request a consult, they will be connected with a doctor licensed and practicing in their state.

Can I use my health insurance to pay for my membership?


We do not accept payments from health insurance companies.

We don’t charge on a ‘when we see you’ model. We don’t charge per-visit fees or ‘collect co-pays’. Your services are covered by your monthly membership fees which entitles you to unlimited doctor visits and consultations.


Is it truly unlimited doctor visits?




How many family members are included in the Family Plan


The primary member and 6 immediate family members or household members will have access to consults. If your family has more than 6 people living in one household, please contact a customer care representative.


Can I get a prescription?


It's up to the responding doctor to recommend the best treatment. If appropriate, the responding doctor will submit your prescription directly to the pharmacy of the member's choice. Doctors will not issue prescriptions for substances controlled by the DEA and certain other drugs which in the responding doctors' opinion may be harmful because of their potential for abuse. These include, but are not limited to, antidepressant drugs such as Cymbalta, Prozac, Percocet, Oxycodone and Zoloft. Non-therapeutic drugs such as Viagra and Cialis will not prescribed.

Is my information secure?


Do I have access to my electronic health record?

Yes, you will be able to access your health records from within your membership portal.

Can I review my visit at a later date (after my visit)?


Can the doctor order my prescription to my local pharmacy?

Yes, if the doctor determines that you require a prescription, they will order it to your local pharmacy.  

Can I message doctors if I just have questions?

Yes, doctors are available to respond to any questions you may have.

Is the service available in all 50 states?

Yes, service is available in all 50 states. , Service is not available outside the United States or Puerto Rico.

Is it truly 24 hours a day, 365 days a year?


Yes, licensed doctors in your state are available to provide you with telemedicine services at any time.


How long does it take for a doctor to respond?

Doctors typically respond within 15 minutes. However, you are guaranteed to have a doctor respond within 2 hours.

Is the service for emergency situations?


Only use the service for non-emergency medical issues. Members should not use it if they are experiencing a medical emergency. Call 911 if you are having a medical emergency. The service is not intended to replace a member's primary care physician.


Can I establish a long term relationship with the responding doctor.


Your membership is not intended to replace your primary care physician. 


Can I be turned down for a pre-existing condition?


No, members are not turned away because of pre-existing conditions. This is not insurance.

What type of doctor or specialist can I speak with? 


Actual state-licensed family practitioners, primary care physicians, internists and pediatricians. The responding doctor may also provide guidance on the type of specialist a member should see.

How are prescriptions sent to the pharmacy?


We don't dispense prescription drugs. If the responding doctor prescribes medication, the prescription is submitted electronically or by phone to the pharmacy of the member's choice.

The Top 10 Reasons why our members use

  • You are unable to get a timely appointment or reach your primary care physician
  • You need a short-term prescription refill
  • You have young children and are unable to see a doctor
  • If you need a second opinion on lab results
  • You're on vacation, on a business trip, or away from home
  • You have a specific health-related question
  • You're not sure if you need to get medical attention (non emergency conditions)
  • You cannot afford to take time off from work or school
  • You don't want to travel to see a doctor in bad weather 
  • You're tired of spending time searching WebMD for general answers to your specific questions

Just like an in-person visit, the doctor takes your history and symptoms,

performs an exam, and may recommend treatment - including prescriptions

*How many family members are included in the Family Plan (Link to FAQ)

**Limited time offer: This offer is limited to one trial period per Single Plan or Family Plan per household.  This trial offer is offered for a limited time only to provide a discounted price for new members to try the service, regular monthly price for selected plan will apply after trial period.

***Services are available in all 50 states.  You will be connected to a licensed doctor in your state. If you are traveling, you can have a doctor visit from whatever location you are in at the time of your consultation. For example, if you live in New York and you travel to Los Angeles you will connect with a doctor in Los Angeles while you are in Los Angeles.  Please note services are not available in Puerto Rico or any international locations.

This is not insurance.  It provides convenience in most cases by saving you a trip to the doctor’s office or urgent care, and may provide cost savings compared to per-visit urgent care clinic costs, or other services that charge per-visit. You should always call 911 for emergencies. 

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